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You deserve Authentic photographs that feel as real as you are.

And if you see each day as an Adventure worth discovering, and
value people that bring you life - who are rich with Passion and positivity...

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Portland Wedding Photographer

I could eat sushi every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. My bowling high score is 265. I've traveled to 14 different states and 5 countries (and counting).   

FUN Facts:

There are these very special moments in life where an event happens that shapes your entire future. A serendipitous experience occurs, an idea comes to you that changes your career path or perhaps most importantly, the day that you meet your love.

I want to share with you the moment that lead to my decision that telling your story through photographs was what I was meant to do.

I was at my Grandmas 80th birthday party. I had just started getting the hang of operating my camera and was taking photographs during the celebration.
What happened next was one of those moments that just stays etched in your brain.

With the lights dimmed and the candles on the cake lit - we all sang a botched yet perfect version of the happy birthday song.

As we held out that last note - my grandpa jumped up lightning fast! He pulled my grandma in for a hug, and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. This was more affection than I’ve never seen him show in my entire life.

Capturing the emotion and energy in this photo meant the world to them. Seeing my grandparents’ memories fading made me realize the value of preserving authentic moments, and making them real - in print.

It was on that day I decided that every couple deserves to feel the way my grandparents did in that moment.

Ten years from now, when you re-experience your special day through your wedding album, you will instantly transport back to the memories and feelings of who you love, and why you love them.

Now that you know my story, I’d love to learn about yours!

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Coverage starts at 6 hours and goes up from there.

I typically bring 2 people to make sure everything on your wedding day is covered -- one head photographer and one assistant.

Included are digital images ready to share and download on a gorgeous, private online gallery. But digital isn't enough...

Every collection includes an album that is custom-designed, hand-made, and uniquely yours; preserving your memories for generations to come.

Other collections are all-inclusive, with options such as engagement sessions, two photographers, and full high-res printing rights.

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I would love to meet in person to walk you through all options, and learn more about your photography needs over a cup of coffee – and to see if I'm the right fit for you.

"He had brought up potential things we didn't think of. In turn this made our day better planned, smoother and so much more memorable. It made for a better wedding experience for us and our guests. Now the pictures... WOW!! THEY TURNED OUT AMAZING!! We threw some curveballs at him for what we looked for, angles, who to capture more of, ect... He did it all plus some."

"The amount of detail and thought he put into our day, not just the ceremony, was crazy."

-Michael & Ali

kind words

"Darien has a unique way of setting up his shoots to be fun and engaging. I would encourage anyone looking for a truly professional engagement or wedding photographer to consider Darien. It’s definitely worth it and we’d make that choice again in a heartbeat."

"Not only did the pictures turn out better than expected, but we had a lot of fun during the shoot."

-Taylor & Kevin

kind words

"I think the most important part is that everyone was SUPER comfortable. Darien has a really good energy and is a very positive person, which made everything SO easy. He knew how to make us work to make the pictures look good! The way Darien would say things made us react with real, genuine smiles."

"Got genuine reactions from us, which made for GREAT candid pictures"

-Kayla & Shane

kind words

"From the initial appointment with Darien, we had the sense of professionalism, and could truly feel how much passion Darien has in his work. If you are looking for just an average photographer, to show up on the big day, shoot for an hour, and leave, he is the exact OPPOSITE. He wants to get to know his clients, and you can see his passion in his work right off the bat. We had frequent conversations with Darien leading up to our big day, and each time made us so excited about the events to come."

"For any fellow couples looking for a 5 Star Wedding Photographer, Darien should be your guy!"

-Whitney & Tyler

kind words

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